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7 Most Important Features of Leading Video Editing Software Solutions

Video editing tools are now more accessible than ever. There is a wide range of options out there—from free to paid to freemium. However, not all these software have the right features and functions you need to create and edit unique videos. You might end up with ineffective software that you will just uninstall in the end.

According to, the demand for video editing software will continue to increase by 22% until 2028. This follows the growth in demand for video editors and content creators, especially in the United States. To get ahead in the video editing market, it is high time you invest in high-quality video editing solutions out there.

With that, here are some of the key features of video editing software that you must look out for when selecting the best one for you.

1.    Supports different types of editing styles

Video editing software offers varying sets of tools to suit different types of video editing styles. Some software solutions are ideal for basic forms of editing such as linear editing and simple cutting, while others are built for more advanced and professional editing.

While there is nothing wrong with the basics, it is always better to have software that supports a wide range of editing styles. This way, you can always explore other editing styles or develop your own style in the process.

You would also need a video editor to open different multimedia files—from the various image, video, and audio files and even some text. Nowadays, you can even incorporate downloaded Youtube videos into your edits. This gives you freer rein on what you can put in your video.

2.    Sets effects on videos and photos

Nowadays, almost all edits incorporate some form of effects into their videos and photos. You can sometimes see superimposed text or images on a video. Other times, you will notice quirky transitions from one scene to another, such as fade in and out transitions or dissolve.

Video effects are one of the video editing software features you need to look out for, which are not offered by all editors. You can also choose to download certain effects from the internet and install them in your software.

You can use different kinds of effects for your edits. Basic examples are transition effects, pan effects, and the ability to resize and zoom in/out on photos. Meanwhile, you can be more creative and experimental with video effects such as computer-generated images (CGI), virtual cinematography, chroma key, and more.

3.    Has audio settings control

One of the features of video software watch out for is audio settings control. This allows you to customize all the audio elements in your edits like volumes, effects, and transitions.

Not all software provides comprehensive control over your audio setting. Some basic video editors only offer a master volume control for all your audio files. With this, you can’t really mix up the volumes for each audio file so you’re stuck with overlapping sounds in your edits.

You need software that lets you set the audio according to what you desire. Check out if you can set transitions from one audio to another with fade-in/fade-out effects. You would also want a feature where you can control the volume for each audio file to make one louder while the other is a softer noise in the background.

4.    Allows offline access and editing

Having an online video editor is helpful as you don’t have to download any software and you can easily access the tool on any platform. At the same time, it comes with several challenges such as difficulties in accessing video clips, audio files, and images if your internet connection isn’t stable.

You should consider choosing a video editor with offline access instead. This allows you to work without the constraints of your internet bandwidth. You can easily and quickly import videos, images, and audio files into your software without depending on your internet connection. And when you start rendering your video, you don’t have to worry about any disruptions during the process.

You can check out these video editing software examples to find out which ones can be accessed offline.

5.    Provides fast video rendering

Any video editor knows the agony of waiting for their video to render. Back in the days, it can take the whole night or even days for a high-resolution edit to render properly. And if your laptop or desktop isn’t up for the task, it might end up overheating in the process.

Fortunately, many video editing software tools have found a way to hasten the rendering process. Likewise, the latest hardware is more powerful to get through the rendering process unscathed. In just a manner of a few minutes or even seconds, you can start playing your video edits in any of these free video players for Windows.

6.    Connect to social media

According to Datareportal, there are almost 3.96 billion social media users in the world. Meaning, more than half of the world’s population has social media accounts. Likewise, almost all social media platforms nowadays support video formats—from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This makes it a perfect place to publicize your videos.

To do that, you would need a video maker software that knows the ins and outs of social media video players. This will allow you to create videos in the format, size, and orientation that are perfect for popular social media platforms. Once your videos are rendered, they are all good to go for your social media pages.

7.    Easy to use

Video editing might seem intimidating at first especially if you don’t have prior experience with it. But with the right software, it’s easier as it seems.

Some video editing software bombards their users with too many buttons, options, and tools to the point that they appear unnavigable. Even experts might find such software too difficult to use. As a result, they might end up not fully utilizing the interesting tools and features the software has to offer.

Whether you are already an expert or a beginner, simple and easy-to-use software can get you a long way. This makes it easier for you to find the right tools you need to create unique videos. Likewise, you don’t have to take too much time familiarizing yourself with how the software works. You just have to install it and jump right into editing and creating software in no time.

Don’t settle for less

In the age of content, creating and posting your videos online is more comfortable and more accessible. But without the right tools, your content can easily get lost in the void of the internet.

Don’t settle for less. Consider investing in software that provides you with these tools and features that can help you turn your visions into realities.

To start, you can check out Fast Video Maker where you can easily create a video from your photos and video clips that you can immediately post on your YouTube and other social media channels. You can quickly start using the software with a free download.

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